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Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles (MISEV2023): From basic to advanced approaches JOURNAL OF EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES 2024
CD137+ and regulatory T cells as independent prognostic factors of survival in advanced non-oncogene addicted NSCLC patients treated with immunotherapy as first-line JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2024
Frequency of brain ventricular enlargement among patients with diabetes mellitus DIABETES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE 2024
Glucose-driven histone lactylation promotes the immunosuppressive activity of monocyte-derived macrophages in glioblastoma IMMUNITY 2024
Immune-related toxicity and soluble profile in patients affected by solid tumors: a network approach CANCER IMMUNOLOGY, IMMUNOTHERAPY 2023
Circulating CD137+ T cell levels are correlated with response to pembrolizumab treatment in advanced head and neck cancer patients INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
Membrane and Soluble CD137 in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Role as Biomarkers for Disease Activity JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH 2023
Proteomic characterization of extracellular vesicles released by third stage larvae of the zoonotic parasite Anisakis pegreffii (Nematoda: Anisakidae) FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR AND INFECTION MICROBIOLOGY 2023
Macrophage galactose-like lectin mediated interactions: investigating immunosuppressive mechanisms in glioblastoma 2023
Molecular mechanisms of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor pralsetinib activity in in-vitro models of medullary thyroid carcinoma: Aberrant activation of the HH-Gli signaling pathway in acquired resistance BIOMÉDECINE & PHARMACOTHÉRAPIE 2023
Sarcopenic obesity research perspectives outlined by the sarcopenic obesity global leadership initiative (SOGLI) - Proceedings from the SOGLI consortium meeting in rome November 2022 CLINICAL NUTRITION 2023
A network approach to define the predictive role of immune profile on tumor response and toxicity of anti PD-1 single agent immunotherapy in patients with solid tumors FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2023
Protection of gender health and fight against gender violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: the experience of our street clinic in a disadvantaged suburb of Rome Metropolitan City BMC WOMEN'S HEALTH 2023
Targeting FGFRs by pemigatinib induces G1 phase cell cycle arrest, cellular stress and upregulation of tumor suppressor microRNAs JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2023
Circulating CD137+ T cell subsets and MDCSs as immune biomarkers for response to anti-PD1 immunotherapy in NSCLC patients AICC INTERNATIONAL MEETING – TRANSLATIONAL AND PRECISION MEDICINE 2023
Circulating CD137 + T cells correlate with improved response to anti-PD1 immunotherapy in cancer patients CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2022
Immune effects of CDK4/6 inhibitors in patients with HR+/HER2− metastatic breast cancer: relief from immunosuppression is associated with clinical response EBIOMEDICINE 2022
Glycan-Lectin Interactions as Novel Immunosuppression Drivers in Glioblastoma INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
Soluble PD-L1 as a prognostic factor for Immunotherapy treatment in solid tumors: Systematic review and Meta-Analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
De novo transcriptome assembly and annotation of the third stage larvae of the zoonotic parasite anisakis pegreffii BMC RESEARCH NOTES 2022


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  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies

Interessi di ricerca

  • Dendritic cells and antigen processing and presentation: extracellular vesicles and impact on tumor antigen immunogenicity and antitumor immune response
  • Role in the tumor microenvironment of Tumor glycan C-type lectin interactions: balancing immune activation and immunesuppression.
  • Target therapy and immune off target effects: Immunogenic cell death and antitumor immune response
  • Network medicine: novel approach for integrating clinical and biological data for patient outcome predictors
  • Impact of nematode A.pegreffi on antigen presenting cells function


dendritic cells
antigen processing and presentation
Cancer vaccines
tumor antigen
Extracellular Vesicles
anti-tumor immune response
tumor microenvironment
Network medicine
glioblastoma (GBM)
breast cancer
immunogenic cell death (ICD)
ovarian cancer

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