Stefano Lasaponara


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Incidentally Learned Emotional Valence Affects Spatial Working Memory CERE Conference 2022
Left and right temporal-parietal junctions (TPJs) as "match/mismatch" hedonic machines: A unifying account of TPJ function PHYSICS OF LIFE REVIEWS 2022
A Reinforcement Meta-Learning framework of executive function and information demand NEURAL NETWORKS 2022
Splenial Callosal Disconnection in Right Hemianopic Patients Induces Right Visual-Spatial Neglect BRAIN SCIENCES 2022
Pupil dilation during orienting of attention and conscious detection of visual targets in patients with left spatial neglect CORTEX 2021
How to trigger and keep stable directional SpaceeNumber Associations (SNAs) CORTEX 2021
Number space is made by response space: Evidence from left spatial neglect NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2021
The Precentral Insular Cortical Network for Speech Articulation CEREBRAL CORTEX 2021
Deficits of hierarchical predictive coding in left spatial neglect BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS 2021
A scoping review of cognitive training in neurodegenerative diseases via computerized and virtual reality tools: What we know so far BRAIN SCIENCES 2021
Perceiving numerosity does not cause automatic shifts of spatial attention EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2021
Forgetting unwanted memories: active forgetting and implications for the development of psychological disorders JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE 2021
Individual EEG profiling of attention deficits in left spatial neglect: a pilot study NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 2021
A scoping review of neuromodulation techniques in neurodegenerative diseases: A useful tool for clinical practice? MEDICINA 2021
Deconstructing reorienting of attention: Cue predictiveness modulates the inhibition of the no-target side and the hemispheric distribution of the P1 response to invalid targets JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE 2020
Spatial uncertainty improves the distribution of visual attention and the availability of sensory information for conscious report EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2020
Pre-motor deficits in left spatial neglect: An EEG study on Contingent Negative Variation (CNV) and response-related beta oscillatory activity NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2020
Reconstructing the origins of the space-number association: spatial and number-magnitude codes must be used jointly to elicit spatially organised mental number lines COGNITION 2019
Expectancy modulates pupil size both during endogenous orienting and during re-orienting of spatial attention: A study with isoluminant stimuli EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2019
Concomitant recovery from left spatial neglect and inflammatory dysfunction of white-matter pathways in a case of acute disseminated encephalo-myelitis (ADEM) CORTEX 2019

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