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Stable. Structural stability risk assessment Proceedings of SPIE 11524. Eighth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment 2020
Scenari di rischio dell'interazione tra spostamenti indotti da fenomeni franosi e rete viaria Progetto SISMI-DTC Lazio - Conoscenze E Innovazioni Per La Ricostruzione E Il Miglioramento Sismico Dei Centri Storici Del Lazio 2020
Modellazione numerica bidimensionale della risposta sismica nel comune di Accumoli Progetto SISMI-DTC Lazio 2020
Surface wave quantification in a highly heterogeneous alluvial basin. Case study of the Fosso di Vallerano valley, Rome, Italy SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2019
Earthquake‐induced landslide scenarios for seismic microzonation. Application to the Accumoli area (Rieti, Italy) BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2019
Ambient noise techniques to study near-surface in particular geological conditions. A brief review Innovation in near-surface geophysics. Instrumentation, application, and data processing methods 2019
Impact of landslides on transportation routes during the 2016–2017 Central Italy seismic sequence LANDSLIDES 2019
New insights on the predisposing factors and geomorphic response to the largest landslide on emerged earth surface. The Seymareh rock slide - debris avalanche (Zagros Mts., Iran) EARTH SURFACE DYNAMICS DISCUSSIONS 2019
Geostructural and geomorphic constraints for landscape evolution modeling and stress-strain numerical analysis of the giant Seymareh landslide (Zagros Mts., Iran) Proceedings of the 2019 EGU General Assembly. 7-12 April 2019, Wien, Austria 2019
Numerical modelling of local seismic response in alluvial valleys filled by heterogeneous deposits for seismic microzonation studies in Northern Latium (Italy) Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of Environment and Constructions 2019
Seismic microzoning map. Approaches, results and applications after the 2016–2017 Central Italy seismic sequence BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2019
Monitoring of Sobradinho landslide (Brasília, Brazil) and a prototype vertical slope by time-lapse interferometry BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY 2019
Introductory review of potential applications of nanoseismic monitoring in seismic energy characterization MAǧALLAT̈ AL-ABḥĀṮ AL-HANDASIYYAT̈ 2019
Typological analysis of slidequakes emitted from landslides. Experiments on an expander body pile and Sobradinho landslide (Brasilia, Brazil) REM - INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2019
Multiple natural hazards at volcanic islands. A review for the Ischia volcano (Italy) JOURNAL OF APPLIED VOLCANOLOGY 2019
Nonlinear numerical simulation of the soil seismic response to the 2012 Mw 5.9 Emilia earthquake considering the variability of the water table position BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 2019
Emplacement kinematics of the Seymareh rock-avalanche debris (Iran) inferred by field and remote surveying ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2019
Geomorphological investigation on the Siah-kuh Mass Rock Creep deformation (Zagros Mts., Iran) through Space-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) interferometry and quantitative geomorphic analysis Proceedings of the 2019 Regional Conference on Geomorphology 2019
Damping measurements from microseismic signals to infer rock mass damaging ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2019
Preliminary results from multitemporal infrared thermography surveys at the Wied il-Mielah rock arch (island of Gozo) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2019


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Natural hazards, Slope stability, Earthquake-induced ground effects, Local seismic response, Rock mass and earth rheology, field laboratory, FDM numerical modelling of slope stability coditions


engineering geology
slope stability
local seismic response
numerical modelling
natural hazard
academic laboratories

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