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Tectonic deformation and landscape evolution inducing mass rock creep driven landslides: the Loumar case-study (Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt, Iran) TECTONOPHYSICS 2023
Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in Molise region (Italy): novel inventory and main geomorphological features JOURNAL OF MAPS 2023
Analysis of Thermally Induced Strain Effects on a Jointed Rock Mass through Microseismic Monitoring at the Acuto Field Laboratory (Italy) APPLIED SCIENCES 2023
Role of Inherited Tectonic Structures on Gravity-Induced Slope Deformations: Inference from Numerical Modeling on the Luco dei Marsi DSGSD (Central Apennines) APPLIED SCIENCES 2023
Earthquake‑triggered landslide susceptibility in Italy by means of Artificial Neural Network BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2023
Evaluating Characteristics of an Active Coastal Spreading Area Combining Geophysical Data with Satellite, Aerial, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Images REMOTE SENSING 2023
Grandi frane in terra: paesi “in movimento” MEMORIE DESCRITTIVE DELLA CARTA GEOLOGICA D'ITALIA 2023
Engineering-geological modeling for supporting local seismic response studies: insights from the 3D model of the subsoil of Rieti (Italy) BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2023
Transition from rock mass creep to progressive failure for rockslide initiation at Mt. Conero (Italy) GEOMORPHOLOGY 2023
Increase in landslide activity after a low-magnitude earthquake as inferred from DInSAR interferometry SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Identifying the influence of a large alluvial valley on train-induced vibration propagation in Rome by an integrated approach ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2022
2D simplified landslide models inferred by statistical analyses on existing landslide databases for multi-hazard analysis: an application to the Campotosto Lake basin (Central Apennines, Italy) EGUSphere - EGU General Assembly 2022
Role of Antecedent Rainfall in the Earthquake-Triggered Shallow Landslides Involving Unsaturated Slope Covers APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
New Insights on the Emplacement Kinematics of the Seymareh Landslide (Zagros Mts., Iran) Through a Novel Spatial Statistical Approach FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE 2022
Seismic response of landslides to natural and man-induced ground vibrations: Evidence from the Petacciato coastal slope (central Italy) ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2022
Geophysical investigations and engineering geological modelling for the local seismic response study of the Rieti historical centre (Central Italy) Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology - 3ECEES 2022
Analysis of local seismic response in the historical city centre of Nafplio (Greece) Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology - 3ECEES 2022
Review on the geophysical and UAV-based methods applied to landslides REMOTE SENSING 2022
Analysis of the local seismic response in the Strovolos Municipality (Nicosia District, Cyprus) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2022
TERREMOTI ED EFFETTI SISMOINDOTTI: dai miti, alla storia, alla scienza GEOLOGICAMENTE 2022


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Natural hazards, Slope stability, Earthquake-induced ground effects, Local seismic response, Rock mass and earth rheology, field laboratory, FDM numerical modelling of slope stability coditions


engineering geology
slope stability
local seismic response
numerical modelling
natural hazard
academic laboratories

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