Francesca Romana Scuto


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Rice husk ash as a green feedstock for the extraction of nano-silica and its application in the synthesis of an efficient solid biocatalyst 15th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering 2023
Design of a 3D Amino-Functionalized Rice Husk Ash Nano-Silica/Chitosan/Alginate Composite as Support for Laccase Immobilization POLYMERS 2023
Design of bioreactor based on immobilized laccase on silica-chitosan support for phenol removal in continuous mode JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2021
Spent grain as a sustainable and low-cost carrier for laccase immobilization WASTE MANAGEMENT 2021
Supercritical fluid chromatography for vitamin and carotenoid analysis: an update covering 2011-2021 JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY OPEN 2021
Sustainable recycling of spent grain for laccase immobilization as dyes removal tool JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2021
Agro-industrial wastes as potential carriers for enzyme immobilization: a review CHEMOSPHERE 2020
Silica-chitosan hybrid support for laccase immobilization JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020
Eggshell membrane as feedstock in enzyme immobilization JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020
Fabrication of a novel biocatalyst with Laccase immobilized on eggshell membrane innovative approach and recent developments in materials engineering & nanotechnology ICMEN 2019 international conference on materials engeineering and nanotechnology 2019
Determination of furanic compounds and acidity for Italian honey quality FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE JOURNAL 2018
A new Laccase-Mediator system facing the biodegradation challenge: insight into the NSAIDs removal CHEMOSPHERE 2018
Design of a heterogeneous enzymatic catalyst on chitosan: investigation of the role of conjugation chemistry in the catalytic activity of a laccase from trametes versicolor JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2017

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