Fabrizio D'Ascenzo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The willingness to pay in the food sector. Testing the hypothesis of consumer preferences for some made in Italy products SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Sustainable Tourism: Best Practice in Water Management CHINESE BUSINESS REVIEW 2020
The Role of Chatbots in End-To-End Intelligent Automation and Future Employment Dynamics Business Revolution in a Digital Era, Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics 2020
Digital Identity: A Case Study of the ProCIDA Project Exploring Digital Ecosystems Organizational and Human Challenges. Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation 33 2020
Cioccolato italiano: principali indicatori di qualità e percezione dei consumatori AISME 2020 - Le Scienze Merceologiche nell’era 4.0. XXIX Congresso nazionale di Scienze Merceologiche 2020. Atti del Convegno, Salerno, 13-14 febbraio 2020 2020
Digital transformation and smart city development Digital transformation and data management 2020
Romanians’ Perceptions Regarding the Drivers of Social Venture. Evidence Based on AGER Data. Business Revolution in a Digital Era, Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics 2020
Business Revolution in a Digital Era. 14th International Conference on Business Excellence, ICBE 2020, Bucharest, Romania 2020
Il contributo dell’intelligenza artificiale alla gestione del rischio operativo tra efficienza ed etica Atti del II Forum Internazionale del Gran Sasso LA PREVENZIONE, VIA PER UN NUOVO SVILUPPO 2020
Innovation Potential Assessment and Business Models Creation in Media Convergence Sector: Evidences From I3 Project Le scienze merceologiche nell’era 4.0 2020
Introduction to information theory and data management 2020
A brief (and incomplete) history of computing and data science 2020
Data transmission networks 2020
Cybersecurity 2020
Artificial intelligence 2020
Contextual impacts on industrial processes brought by the digital transformation of manufacturing: a systematic review 2019
A sustainable innovation in the Italian glass production. LCA and Eco-Care matrix evaluation JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2019
Sustainability of technological innovation investiments. Photovoltaic panels case study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 2019
Business Information Systems. Selected case studies. 2019
Overcoming the digital divide: Poste c'è. Business information Systems. Selected case studies. 2019

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