Sergio Salvatore


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Psychological mechanisms in a digital intervention to improve physical activity: a multicentre randomized controlled trial BRITISH JOURNAL OF HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY 2018
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Psychodynamic Group intervention (CR-PGI). An explorative study FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Psychology curricula for non-psychologists? A framework recommended by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations' Board of Educational Affairs PSYCHOLOGY LEARNING AND TEACHING 2018
Sense of community and the perception of the socio-physical environment: a comparison between urban centers of different sizes across Europe SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2018
Arabs in Europe: arguments for and against integration PEACE AND CONFLICT 2018
Attachment relationships and internalization and externalization problems in a group of adolescents with pathological gambling disorder CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHIATRY 2018
Autonomy Supportive Contexts, Autonomous Motivation, and Self-Efficacy Predict Academic Adjustment of First-Year University Students FRONTIERS IN EDUCATION 2018
Quale teoria del significato in psicologico clinica. L’epistemologia della psicologia clinica. Prospettive teoriche e metodologiche 2018
The fuel and the engine. A general semio-cultural psychological framework for social intervention Cultural Psychology of Intervention in the Globalized World 2018
Health: A Current Challenge for the Idiographic Sciences Idiographic Approach to Health. Yearbook of Idiographic Science Series, Vol. 8. 2018
Effectiveness is the gold standard of clinical research RESEARCH IN PSYCHOTHERAPY 2017
Perception of specific learning disorders in parents and teachers. A socio-cultural perspective LIFE SPAN AND DISABILITY 2017
An automated method of content analysis for psychotherapy research. A further validation PSYCHOTHERAPY RESEARCH 2017
Clinical mutual attunement and the development of therapeutic process. A preliminary study JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIVIST PSYCHOLOGY 2017
Views of context. An instrument for the analysis of the cultural milieu. A first validation study ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS 2017
Quality and prosumership. Proserv: a new tool for measuring the customer satisfaction INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND SOCIETY 2017
From psychopathology to service. A new view of the clinical psychology intervention Healthcare and Culture. Subjectivity in Medical Contexts 2017
Il giardino dell'altro GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2017
Liminal transitions in a semiotic key. The mutual in-feeding between present and past THEORY & PSYCHOLOGY 2017
The formalization of cultural psychology. Reasons and functions INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE 2017

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