Sergio Salvatore


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
How socio-institutional contexts and cultural worldviews relate to COVID-19 acceptance rates: A representative study in Italy SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE 2023
I discorsi di odio come costruzione di senso. Note per una politica di promozione delle competenze semiopoietiche H-ERMES 2023
The Affective Regulation of Uncertainty: The Semiotic Dimensionality Model (SDM) SOCIAL SCIENCES 2023
The Role of Interpretation in Fostering the Psychotherapy Process: Evidence from a Single Case Study MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2022
The Role of Affective Sensemaking in the Constitution of Experience. The Affective Pertinentization Model (APER) INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE 2021
Affective saturation index: a lexical measure of affect ENTROPY 2021
Why people join pro-Ana online communities? A psychological textual analysis of eating disorder blog posts COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR 2021
Modeling pluralism and self-regulation explains the emergence of cooperation in networked societies SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
The phase space of meaning model of psychopathology: A computer simulation modelling study PLOS ONE 2021
Narratives of Dreams and Waking Thoughts: Emotional Processing in Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
To Work or Not to Work, That Is the Question: The Psychological Impact of the First COVID-19 Lockdown on the Elderly, Healthcare Workers, and Virtual Workers HEALTHCARE 2021
A Phase Transition of the Unconscious: Automated Text Analysis of Dreams in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Individual and perceived community determinants of sense of community: The role of universalistic values JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY 2020
The demand for populism. A psycho-cultural based analysis of the desire for non mainstream political representation PSYCHOLOGY HUB 2020
From the manifestations of culture to the underlying sensemaking process. The contribution of semiotic cultural psychology theory to the interpretation of socio-political scenario JOURNAL FOR THE THEORY OF SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR 2020
The politicization of otherness and the privatization of the enemy: Cultural hindrances and assets for active citizenship HUMAN AFFAIRS 2020
Steps towards a unified theory of psychopathology: The phase space of meaning model CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHIATRY 2020
Fear, affective semiosis, and management of the pandemic crisis: Covid-19 as semiotic vaccine? CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHIATRY 2020
Customer satisfaction and service domains: a further development of PROSERV QUALITY & QUANTITY 2020
Social support, adherence to Mediterranean diet and physical activity in adults: Results from a community-based cross-sectional study JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE 2020

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