Sergio Salvatore


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
HOW TO MODEL SENSE MAKING A Contribution for the Development of a Methodological Framework for the Analysis of Meaning The subjectified and subjectifying mind 2017
Deconstructive and constructive dynamics in the clinical process: a step further in the validation of the two-stage semiotic model JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIVIST PSYCHOLOGY 2016
L'intervento psicologico. Teoria e metodo della funzione psicologica 2016
Psychology in black and white. The project of a theory-driven science 2016
Dynamic system theory and embodiment in psychotherapy research. A new look at process and outcome 2016
The contingent nature of psychological intervention. From blind spot to basic resource of psychological science Methods of Psychological Intervention. Yearbook of Idiographic Science Series 2016
The past and the history of Psychology Centrality of History for Theory Construction in Psychology. Annals of Theoretical Psychology. 2016
A dynamic systems approach to psychotherapy. A meta-theoretical framework for explaining psychotherapy change processes JOURNAL OF COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY 2016
Educational subcultures and dropping out at higher education. A longitudinal case study STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION 2016
Exploring the link among state of mind concerning childhood attachment, attachment in close relationships, parental bonding, and psychopathological symptoms in substance users FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2016
Cultural psychology of desire Psychology as the Science of Human Being: The Yokohama Manifesto 2015
Reflexivity and Psychology. Yearbook of Idiographic Science Series-Vol. 6 2015
Sense and sensemaking. Implication of a semiotic and dynamic model of mind for psychoanalysis Making our ideas clear. Pragmatism in psychoanalysis 2015
Psychology of reflexivity and reflexivity for psychology Reflexivity and Psychology. Yearbook of Idiographic Science 2015
Outlines of a general theory of the psychotherapy process. The clinical exchange as communicational field: theoretical considerations and methodological implications Psychotherapy research: foundations, process, and outcome 2015
Livelli e fattori della produttività scientifica della psicologia accademica. Un'analisi bibliometrica GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2015
The role of cultural factors in differentiating pathological gamblers JOURNAL OF GAMBLING STUDIES 2015
The school as universe of sense. Introduction to the special issue La scuola come universo di senso. Introduzione alla sezione RIVISTA DI PSICOLOGIA CLINICA 2015
The representations of teachers’ role identity. A study on the “professional common sense” RIVISTA DI PSICOLOGIA CLINICA 2015
The school system. A survey on the school principals’ models of signification Il sistema scolastico. Una rilevazione dei modelli di significato dei dirigenti scolastici RIVISTA DI PSICOLOGIA CLINICA 2015

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