Cristiano Collettini


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A large fault partially reactivated during two contiguous seismic sequences in Central Italy: The role of geometrical and frictional heterogeneities TECTONOPHYSICS 2024
A Large Fault Partially Reactivated During Two Contiguous Seismic Sequences in Central Italy: the Role of Geometrical and Frictional Heterogeneities AGU 2023
Using Deep Learning to understand variations in fault zone properties: distinguishing foreshocks from aftershocks EGU European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2023 2023
Fault reactivation by fluid injection: insights from laboratory friction experiments with multiple reactivation sequences EGU 2023 2023
Laboratory simulation of fault reactivation by fluid injection and implications for induced seismicity at the BedrettoLab, Swiss Alps TECTONOPHYSICS 2023
Rheological heterogeneities at the roots of the seismogenic zone GEOLOGY 2023
The Effect of Shear Displacement and Wear on Fault Stability: Laboratory Constraints JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH 2023
Frictional controls on the seismogenic zone. Insights from the Apenninic basement, Central Italy EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 2022
Y-B-P-R or S-C-C’? Suggestion for the nomenclature of experimental brittle fault fabric in phyllosilicate-granular mixtures JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 2022
Frictional properties of Opalinus clay: influence of humidity, normal stress and grain size on frictional stability GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL 2022
The Role of Fault Rock Fabric in the Dynamics of Laboratory Faults JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH 2022
Rock and fault rheology explain differences between on fault and distributed seismicity NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
The role of shale content and pore-water saturation on frictional properties of simulated carbonate faults TECTONOPHYSICS 2021
The role of fabric in frictional properties of phyllosilicate-rich tectonic faults JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS 2021
Fracture distribution within a carbonate hosted relay ramp: insights from the Tre Monti fault (Central Italy) TSG AGM 2020 Abstract Volume 2020
Slow-to-fast transition of giant creeping rockslides modulated by undrained loading in basal shear zones NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020
Lithological and structural control on fracture frequency distribution within a carbonate-hosted relay ramp JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 2020
Bifurcations at the Stability Transition of Earthquake Faulting GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 2020
Frictional Strengthening Explored During Non-Steady State Shearing: Implications for Fault Stability and Slip Event Recurrence Time JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH 2020
Modelling fluid flow in complex natural fault zones: Implications for natural and human-induced earthquake nucleation EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 2020

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