Cristina Zucchermaglio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Becoming a Psychotherapist: Learning Practices and Identity Construction Across Communities of Practice FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2022
When in Rome, not all international students do as the romans do. A survey-based typification of international students’ experiences and profiles at Sapienza university of Rome JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES 2022
Face-to-face vs distance learning in human anatomy education: a longitudinal study of students' perspective and learning outcomes during COVID-19 pandemic ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY 2022
Interculturality in Institutions. Symbols, Practices and Identities 2022
Beyond Interpreting: The Companions’ Role in Bridging Patient-Doctor Understanding in Intercultural Oncological Visits Interculturality in institutions: symbols, practices, and identities 2022
Children’s participation and agency in Italian residential care for children: Adult-child interactions at dinnertime EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY OF EDUCATION 2021
The structure of the first oncological visit: A conversation analytic study PSICOLOGIA DELLA SALUTE 2021
“Awareness to touch”: a qualitative study of nurses’ perceptions of interpersonal professional contact after an experiential training NURSE EDUCATION IN PRACTICE 2021
Social support for breast cancer patients in the occupied Palestinian territory PLOS ONE 2021
Being in Place: A Multimodal Analysis of the Contribution of the Patient's Companion to “First Time” Oncological Visits FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
Orchestrating children’s action: an in-depth multimodal analysis of child-educator interactions in one Italian early childhood education setting EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY OF EDUCATION 2021
‘We will take care of you’: Identity categorisation markers in intercultural medical encounters DISCOURSE STUDIES 2021
Two Sources of Miscommunication in Oncology Consultations: An Observational Study Using Conversation Analysis APPLIED LINGUISTICS 2021
Schools and children’cultural socialization Historical-Cultural Theory Studies and research 2021
Teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic: University students’ perspective on phase 3 QWERTY 2021
La partecipazione dei bambini e delle bambine come diritto, processo, pratica e forma. Voci, riflessioni ed esperienze dal campo dell’alternative care. FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS 2021
Religiosity as a cultural resource for Arab-Palestinian women’s coping with cancer SAGE OPEN 2020
Presenting treatment options in breast cancer consultations: Advice and consent in Italian medical care SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE 2020
Narrazioni, testi e altre risorse: ragionamento clinico e presa di decisione in oncologia. RASSEGNA DI PSICOLOGIA 2020

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