Davide Nadali


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Italian archaeological expedition to Nigin, Southern Iraq. New results from recent excavations Proceedings of the 11th International congress on the archaeology of the Ancient Near East. Vol. 2. Field reports ; Islamic archaeology 2020
Human-waterscape interactions during the early-mid Holocene: insights from a multi-disciplinary approach in Southern Mesopotamia (Iraq) Geophysical Research Abstracts (GRA) 2020
Aššur is King! The metaphorical implications of embodiment, personification, and transference in Ancient Assyria Researching metaphor in the Ancient Near East 2020
Combining satellite multispectral imagery and topographic data for the detection and mapping of fluvial avulsion processes in lowland areas REMOTE SENSING 2020
Numbers matter. On the nature and function of counting in warfare in the Neo-Assyrian period Melammu Symposia, Band 10: Societies at War 2020
Archaeology of images. Context and intericonicity in Neo-Assyrian art Homo pictor. Image studies and archaeology in dialogue 2020
The sound of ruins and the presumption of their silence VIAGGIATORI 2020
Representations of violence in Ancient Mesopotamia and Syria The Cambridge world history of violence. Volume 1: The prehistoric and ancient worlds 2020
Il patrimonio artistico nei conflitti armati: la necessità e il dovere di recuperare la memoria perduta FINESTRE SULL'ARTE 2020
Quale Oriente? Quando la finzione diventa realtà Clio, Calliope e il do di petto. L'antico e l'opera 2020
Oriental Notes: Assyrian and Babylonian Antiquities Onstage Digging in the Archives. From the History of Oriental Studies to the History of Ideas 2020
Preliminary Report on the Third Season of Excavations at Tell Zurghul, ancient Nigin, Iraq SUMER 2020
The doubling of the image of the king: A note on slabs B–13 and B–23 in the throne room of Assurnasirpal II at Nimrud Pearls of the past. Studies on Near Eastern art and archaeology in honour of Frances Pinnock 2019
Pearls of the Past. Studies on Near Eastern Art and Archaeology in Honour of Frances Pinnock 2019
Far from the river: Physical and metaphorical use of the territory and its water resources in Early and Middle Bronze Age Syria ORIGINI 2019
Non solo guerra. Vita di corte e battute di caccia del re assiro Gli Assiri all’ombra del Vesuvio 2019
The power of narrative pictures in Ancient Mesopotamia Image, narration, context. Visual narration in cultures and societies of the Old World 2019
The seal of Ishqi-Mari. Does it represent the defeat of Ebla? STUDIA EBLAITICA 2019
Images of Assyrian sieges. What they show, what we know, what we can say Brill's Companion to sieges in the Ancient Mediterranean 2019
Neo-Assyrian statues of gods and kings in context. Integrating textual, archaeological and iconographic data on their manufacture and installation ALTORIENTALISCHE FORSCHUNGEN 2019


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Interessi di ricerca

My main interests of research concern: art, architecture and urbanism in the Assyrian period; the study of ancient warfare; the use, meaning and reception of the production of images and pictures in ancient Mesopotamia and Syria with articles as single author and co-authored studies on the impact of pictures in ancient societies; the incipient urbanism in ancient Mesopotamia and the Early Dynastic Period (third millennium BC) of ancient southern Mesopotamia.


archaeology of the Near East
art of ancient Near East
Near Eastern archaeology
ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Near East
3D cultures
Cultural Heritage
archaeological heritage
Exhibit experience
Abandoned heritage
archaeological excavation
Field Survey & Excavations

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