Davide Nadali


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Review of P.V. Bartl, Die Ritzverzierungen auf den Relieforthostaten Assurnasirpal II aus Kalḫu (BaF 25), Philipp von Zabern, Darmstadt 2014 ORIENTALIA 2016
Envisioning the Past Through Memories. How Memory Shaped Ancient Near Eastern Societies 2016
Community and individuals. How memory affects public and private life in the Ancient Near East Envisioning the past through memories. How memory shaped Ancient Near Eastern societies. Cultural memory and history in Antiquity. Volume 3 2016
The sky from the high terrace. study on the orientation of the Ziqqurat in Ancient Mesopotamia MEDITERRANEAN ARCHAEOLOGY & ARCHAEOMETRY 2016
From monument to urban complex. The city of Ebla as symbol of royal ideology Proceedings of the 2nd International congress on the archaeology of the Ancient Near East. Volume 1: The environment; Images of gods and humans; The Tell; Excavation reports and summaries; Varia (chronology, technology, artifacts) 2016
From Monument to Urban Complex: The City of Ebla as Symbol of Royal Ideology 2016
The early stages of the Sumerian City at Tell Zurghul. New results from recent excavations ORIGINI 2016
The Building of Tell ‘Ağağa/Šadikanni in Syria. Some reflections STUDIA EBLAITICA 2016
La caduta di Ninive. Un patrimonio archeologico a rischio FORMA URBIS 2015
Nigin. La città delle acque ARCHEOLOGIA VIVA 2015
Il Rinascimento sumerico. Nuove scoperte archeologiche in Iraq meridionale FORMA URBIS 2015
Il Periodo Protodinastico Archeologia della Mesopotamia antica 2015
L'impero neo-assiro Archeologia della Mesopotamia antica 2015
Archeologia della Mesopotamia antica 2015
How Do We Want the Past to Be? On Methods and Instruments of Visualizing Ancient Reality 2015
The (dis)embodiment of architecture. Reflections on the mirroring effect of virtual reality How do we want the past to be? On methods and instruments of visualizing ancient reality 2015
How Do We Want the Past to Be? On Methods and Instruments of Visualizing the Ancient Reality 2015
An urban perspective of Nineveh MESOPOTAMIA 2015
The Northern Gate at Tell Mardikh-Ebla. An attempt at reconstruction ANNALES ARCHÉOLOGIQUES ARABES SYRIENNES 2015
Looking at music: the representation of the ancient Near East between fiction and reality in the age of orientalism Music, politics and ideology in the visual arts 2015


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Interessi di ricerca

My main interests of research concern: art, architecture and urbanism in the Assyrian period; the study of ancient warfare; the use, meaning and reception of the production of images and pictures in ancient Mesopotamia and Syria with articles as single author and co-authored studies on the impact of pictures in ancient societies; the incipient urbanism in ancient Mesopotamia and the Early Dynastic Period (third millennium BC) of ancient southern Mesopotamia.


archaeology of the Near East
art of ancient Near East
Near Eastern archaeology
ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Near East
3D cultures
Cultural Heritage
archaeological heritage
Exhibit experience
Abandoned heritage
archaeological excavation
Field Survey & Excavations

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