Davide Nadali


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Miniatures of war. Fights, skirmishes and conflicts in Ancient Near Easter seals Between Syria and the highlands. Studies in honor of Giorgio Buccellati & Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati 2019
Speaking pictures, writing words. On the interplay of communication in Ancient Mesopotamia STUDI MICENEI ED EGEO-ANATOLICI 2019
Bas-reliefs as a source for Neo-Assyrian history Writing Neo-Assyrian history. Sources, problems, and approaches 2019
Gli Assiri. Storia di una civiltà Gli Assiri. Storia di una civiltà 2018
The phenomenology of the copy in Assyria. On the coexistence of two beings Implementing meanings. The power of the copy between past, present and future. An overview from the Ancient Near East 2018
Inward/Outward. A re-examination of the city-gates at Ebla Ebla and beyond. Ancient Near Eastern studies after fifty years of discoveries at Tell Mardikh. Proceedings of the international congress held in Rome, 15th-17th December 2014 2018
Archaeological discoveries in the ancient state of Lagash. Results from the Italian excavations at Tell Zurghul / Nigin in Southern Iraq ASH-SHARQ 2018
“Su! Del Nilo al sacro lido”. Note sulla realtà ed i fraintendimenti di Aida CONTRIBUTI E MATERIALI DI ARCHEOLOGIA ORIENTALE 2018
Timing space / Spacing time. Narrative principles in Assurbanipal hunt reliefs of Room C in the North Palace of Nineveh Assyromania and more. In memory of Samuel M. Paley 2018
Battle of Til-Tuba. Context and Iconography I am Ashurbanipal, king of the world, king of Assyria 2018
After the destruction is over. New perspective of action in the field SUMER 2018
Warfare of history. How warfare shapes ancient Mesopotamian societies Memoria del conflicto en la antigüedad 2017
Raman identification of cuneiform tablet pigments. Emphasis and colour technology in ancient Mesopotamian mid-third millennium HELIYON 2017
Nigin. Alle origini della civiltà ARCHEOLOGIA VIVA 2017
Nineveh in the Assyrian reliefs Nineveh, the great city. Symbol of beauty and power 2017
Review of David Kertai, The Architecture of Late Assyrian Royal Palaces. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2015. xvii-284 p., 49 fig., 24 pl. 19 × 25,2. £60.00. ORIENTALIA 2017
Preliminary report of the first archaeological campaign at Tell Zurghul / Nigin in the Dhi Qar Region, Iraq SUMER 2017
Drying oil detected in mid-third Millennium B.C. Mesopotamian clay artifacts. Raman spectroscopy and DFT simulations study MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2016
Images of war in the Assyrian period. What they show and what they hide Making pictures of war. Realia et imaginaria in the iconology of the ancient Near East 2016


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Interessi di ricerca

My main interests of research concern: art, architecture and urbanism in the Assyrian period; the study of ancient warfare; the use, meaning and reception of the production of images and pictures in ancient Mesopotamia and Syria with articles as single author and co-authored studies on the impact of pictures in ancient societies; the incipient urbanism in ancient Mesopotamia and the Early Dynastic Period (third millennium BC) of ancient southern Mesopotamia.


archaeology of the Near East
art of ancient Near East
Near Eastern archaeology
ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Near East
3D cultures
Cultural Heritage
archaeological heritage
Exhibit experience
Abandoned heritage
archaeological excavation
Field Survey & Excavations

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