Francesca Comunello


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Youth Activism for Climate on and Beyond Social media: Insights from FridaysForFuture-Rome THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRESS/POLITICS 2022
Towards ‘romantic media ideologies’: digital dating abuse seen through the lens of social media and/or dating in teenage narratives THE COMMUNICATION REVIEW 2022
Does the “Platform Society” Mean the End of the “Network Society?” Reflections on Platforms and the Structure and Dynamics of Networks AMERICAN BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST 2022
Climate activism in and beyond visualities: insights from the global strike of FridaysForFuture-Rome Visions of Change: Communication for Social and Environmental Justice 2021
Rappresentazioni sociali del cambiamento climatico e pratiche d’uso dei social media in FridaysForFuture-Roma Le reti dei valori. I valori delle reti 2021
FridaysForFuture and the “kaleidoscope effect” between climate, digital and youth activism Community Communication and Alternative Media 2021
In The Backstage of Fridays For Future Between (Mobile) Online And Offline Practices The In(Ter)Dependencies Of Mobile Online And Offline Spaces: Reflections On Methods, Practices, Ethics 2021
Public sector communication professions in the Twitter-sphere* SOCIOLOGIA DELLA COMUNICAZIONE 2021
I discorsi d’odio online nelle narrazioni dei teenager romani Hate speech e hate words. Rappresentazioni, effetti, interventi 2021
Abitare gli spazi digitali. Prospettive di genere su immaginari, estetiche e pratiche culturali in rete MEDIASCAPES JOURNAL 2021
Traguardi raggiunti, criticità e nuove sfide: intervista a Barbara Bonomi Romagnoli su donne e giornalismo (anche) online MEDIASCAPES JOURNAL 2021
Gender and media studies in Italy. The GEMMA research programme JOURNAL OF ITALIAN CINEMA & MEDIA STUDIES 2020
Feminicidio and #NiUnaMenos. An analysis of Twitter conversations during the first three years of the Argentinian movement VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN 2020
Teen dating violence on social media: a gender analysis of Italian teenagers’ perceptions about digital abuse IAMCR 2020 2020
#NiUnaMenos and the mobilizing force of femicide in Argentina ICA 2020 Pre-Conference: Digital Media in Latin America 2020
Negotiating gender scripts in mobile dating apps. Between affordances, usage norms and practices INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY 2020
Prefazione Maschilità e questioni politiche in Italia. Etnografia comparata su due forme di associazionismo maschile 2020
ICTs for community development. Bridging conceptual, theoretical, and methodological boundaries AMERICAN BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST 2020
“I do it my way”. Idioms of practice and digital media ideologies of adolescents and older adults NEW MEDIA & SOCIETY 2020
‘Youngsplaining’ and moralistic judgements. Exploring ageism through the lens of digital ‘media ideologies’ AGEING AND SOCIETY 2020


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Francesca Comunello (PhD) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Social Research, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

Her research and publications focus on the intersections between digital technology and society, including digitally mediated social relations, ageing and digital communication, gender and digital platforms, civic engagement, digital media and disaster communication. 

Her work has been published in Journals like New Media and Society, Information Communication and Society, Media Culture and Society, The Sociological Review, The Communication Review, Ageing and Society, American Behavioral Scientist, and Violence Against Women, among others.


social media
network society
gender and ICT
Disaster communication
dating apps
mobile communication

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