Graziano Crasta


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
On a geometric combination of functions related to Prekopa-Leindler inequality MATHEMATIKA 2023
Representation formulas for pairings between divergence-measure fields and BV functions JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS 2023
Concavity properties of solutions to Robin problems CAMBRIDGE JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS 2021
Cannibalism and necrophagy promote a resource loop and benefit larval development in insects of temporary waters INSECTS 2021
On the supremal version of the Alt–Caffarelli minimization problem ADVANCES IN CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS 2021
The Brunn–Minkowski inequality for the principal eigenvalue of fully nonlinear homogeneous elliptic operators ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS 2020
On the first eigenvalue of the normalized p-laplacian PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY 2020
Pairings between bounded divergence-measure vector fields and BV functions ADVANCES IN CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS 2020
A new model for suspension bridges involving the convexification of the cables ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK UND PHYSIK 2020
Rigidity results for variational infinity ground states INDIANA UNIVERSITY MATHEMATICS JOURNAL 2019
An extension of the pairing theory between divergence-measure fields and BV functions JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS 2019
Anzellotti's pairing theory and the Gauss–Green theorem ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS 2019
Non-Coercive Radially Symmetric Variational Problems: Existence, Symmetry and Convexity of Minimizers SYMMETRY 2019
Cannibalism in temporary waters. Simulations and laboratory experiments revealed the role of spatial shape in the mosquito Aedes albopictus PLOS ONE 2018
On the chain rule formulas for divergences and applications to conservation laws NONLINEAR ANALYSIS 2017
Geometric issues in PDE problems related to the infinity Laplace operator Topological Optimization and Optimal Transport 2017
On the characterization of some classes of proximally smooth sets ESAIM. COCV 2016
A C^1 regularity result for the inhomogeneous normalized infinity Laplacian PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY 2016
Structure of solutions of multidimensional conservation laws with discontinuous flux and applications to uniqueness ARCHIVE FOR RATIONAL MECHANICS AND ANALYSIS 2016
Characterization of stadium-like domains via boundary value problems for the infinity Laplacian NONLINEAR ANALYSIS 2016

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