Stefano Pampanin


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Seismic assessment and finite element modeling of traditional vs innovative point fixed glass facade systems (PFGFS) BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2023
Development of a holistic parametric framework for multi-performance evaluation of post-tensioned timber buildings Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (COMPDYN 2023) 2023
Comparative analysis of code-compliant seismic assessment methods through nonlinear static analyses and demand spectrum: N2 Method vs. Capacity Spectrum Method Proceedings of the XIX ANIDIS Conference 2023
Alternative retrofit strategies for seismic risk-reduction: studying the attractiveness of low-damage external exoskeletons. COMPDYN 2023 2023
Simplified Analytical/Mechanical Procedure for the Residual Capacity Assessment of Earthquake-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Frames COMPDYN 2023 2023
Displacement incompatibility shape functions between masonry infill wall panels and reinforced concrete frames BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2023
Energy-based procedures for seismic fragility analysis of mainshock-damaged buildings FRONTIERS IN BUILT ENVIRONMENT 2023
Post-earthquake seismic residual capacity and economic loss assessment of reinforced concrete buildings 14th fib PhD Symposium Rome 2022 2022
Enhancing seismic safety of existing rc buildings through external exoskeletons. 2022
Impact of thermal bridges on the energy response of a building Facade Tectonics 2022 World Congress 2022
Shake table tests of concrete anchors for non-structural components including innovative and alternative anchorage detailing BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2022
A framework and tool for knowledge-based seismic risk assessment of school buildings: SLaMA-School SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Multi-knowledge level seismic assessment procedure for reinforced concrete existing buildings Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology 2022
Numerical issues on brittle shear failure of pier-wall continuous vertical joints in URM dutch buildings ENGINEERING STRUCTURES 2022
An Analytical and Numerical Approach for Shear Failure of Pier-Wall Connections in Typical Dutch URM Buildings INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE 2022
Seismic performance of Point Fixed Glass Facade Systems through Finite Element Modelling and proposal of a low-damage connection system Proceedings of Fifth International Workshop on Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements (SPONSE) 2022
Numerical investigation of the displacement incompatibility between masonry infill walls and surrounding reinforced concrete frames Proceedings of Fifth International Workshop on Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements (SPONSE) 2022
Adaptive knowledge-based seismic risk assessment of existing reinforced concrete buildings using the SLaMA method Proceedings of the XIX ANIDIS Conference 2022
Shake-table tests of innovative drift sensitive non-structural elements in a low-damage structural system EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS 2021
Numerical investigations on the residual capacity and economic losses of earthquake-damaged reinforced concrete wall structures Compdyn 2021 Proceedings 2021

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