SLOW SUMER is aimed at analysing repair, reuse and recycling in Sumerian society between 2500-2000 BC, opening in this way a new trend of studies on these practices, substantially narrowing the current void in archaeological and philological research

SLOW SUMER project is going to test the following key questions:

  •  What were the repair, reuse and recycling practices carried out by Sumer inhabitants during 2500-2000 BC?
  •  What was the technological knowledge involved in terms of procedures and possible use of the recycled materials?
  • Were these practices part of the household's activities or were (some of them) performed by craftsmen?
  •  What were the situational and structural factors behind them?
  •  What was the impact of political, cultural and environmental changes on these practices?

The project will be based on archaeological and philological data, analysed using modern scientific methods and Machine Learning algorithms, and finally interpreted within a sociological perspective

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