Antonio Suppa


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Multisensor integrated platform based on MEMS charge variation sensing technology for biopotential acquisition SENSORS 2024
Harmonic Distortion Aspects in Upper Limb Swings during Gait in Parkinson’s Disease ELECTRONICS 2023
Language-related motor facilitation in Italian Sign Language signers CEREBRAL CORTEX 2023
Parkinsonism Is Associated with Altered SMA-Basal Ganglia Structural and Functional Connectivity in Frontotemporal Degeneration BIOMEDICINES 2023
Artificial Intelligence-Based Voice Assessment of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Off and On Treatment: Machine vs. Deep-Learning Comparison SENSORS 2023
Rigidity in Parkinson's disease: Evidence from biomechanical and neurophysiological measures BRAIN 2023
Editorial: Parkinson's disease: Technological trends for diagnosis and treatment improvement FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Botulinum toxin in clinical practice: state of the art of administration provisions in Italy NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
Familial adult myoclonus epilepsy: Neurophysiological investigations EPILEPSIA 2023
Acoustic analysis in stuttering: a machine-learning study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Pain-motor integration in chronic pain: A neurophysiological study CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2023
Four Days Are Enough to Provide a Reliable Daily Step Count in Mild to Moderate Parkinson’s Disease through a Commercial Smartwatch SENSORS 2023
Blurred lines: bilateral optic perineuritis mimicking idiopathic intracranial hypertension NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
A Viscoelastic Model to Evidence Reduced Upper-Limb-Swing Capabilities during Gait for Parkinson’s Disease-Affected Subjects ELECTRONICS 2023
Effects of deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus on patients with Parkinson's disease: a machine-learning voice analysis FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Editorial: Voice analysis in healthy subjects and patients with neurologic disorders FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Robust and language-independent acoustic features in Parkinson's disease FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Cohort analysis of novel SPAST variants in SPG4 patients and implementation of in vitro and in vivo studies to identify the pathogenic mechanism caused by splicing mutations FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Effective connectivity abnormalities in Lewy body disease with visual hallucinations CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2023
Long-term changes in short-interval intracortical facilitation modulate motor cortex plasticity and L-dopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease BRAIN STIMULATION 2022

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