A Digital Library of Translation. The history of 5 foreign literatures in 20th century Italy: modern Greek, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian, and Czech

The research proposal aims to create a Digital Library that will contain texts of modern Greek, Serbian, and Croatian, Romanian and Czech, literature translated in Italian. The purpose of the research project is the creation of a digital library that will promote the translated texts. Another goal is the exhaustive bibliographic recording, description and analysis of all products related to the history of the above foreign literatures in Italy during the 20th century (1900-1999).

The results of the bibliographic research will be included in a website that will be created for this purpose under the name Sapienza Digital Library of Translation. At this free access website, the user will be able to conduct bibliographic research by choosing and/or combining specific fields. The selection of time limits and foreign literatures was based on linguistic, cultural, and historical criteria. Finally, the project will study three key factors that seem to have played an important mediating role in shaping the history of the above foreign literatures in Italy in the 20th century: magazines, publishers, and individuals. This part of the project will be realized by evaluating the bibliographic data that will emerge from the research and by using theoretical tools like the "theory of multisystems" (Even-Zohar 1990), and concepts such as the "rules of art", the "literary field" (Bourdieu 1992), and that of the "literary transition" (Jurt 2005).

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