Canettieri's lab. Epigenetics, Metabolism and Cancer Unit (EMCU)


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Our lavoratory is interested in understanding how epigenetic and metabolic reprogramming influence tumor behaviour and to invetigate the possibility to target these alterations for therapeutic purposes.

The current main topics of our lab are:

1) Energy and redox rewiring in Cancer

Alteration of cellular metabolism is a key feature of both developing tissues and cancer cells. We are interested in understandng how metabolic pathways are altered and how they can be targeted for therapeutic intervention. We are also interested in understanding how alterations of redox homeostasis and NADH/NAD+ balance affect cancer growth and how it can be targeted with specific pharmacological and dietary interventions.

2) Role of microbiota in regulating cancer initiation and progression

Emerging evidence show that commensal microbiota plays a key role during tumorigenesis by altering tumor microenvironment and affecting specific oncogenic patways. We are characterizing signaling molucules, metabolites and specific pathways connecting microbiota sensing to dowstream events in cancer stem cells and the immune system.





Responsabile del Gruppo

Gianluca Canettieri

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