Gianluca Canettieri


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Partial Truncation of the C-Terminal Domain of PTCH1 in Cancer Enhances Autophagy and Metabolic Adaptability CANCERS 2023
Combined inhibition of polyamine metabolism and eIF5A hypusination suppresses colorectal cancer growth through a converging effect on MYC translation CANCER LETTERS 2023
Novel N-(Heterocyclylphenyl)benzensulfonamide Sharing an Unreported Binding Site with T-Cell Factor 4 at the β-Catenin Armadillo Repeats Domain as an Anticancer Agent ACS PHARMACOLOGY & TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCE 2023
Thiol functionalised gold nanoparticles loaded with methotrexate for cancer treatment. From synthesis to in vitro studies on neuroblastoma cell lines JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2023
KCTD1 is a new modulator of the KCASH family of Hedgehog suppressors NEOPLASIA 2023
Modeling myotonic dystrophy type 2 using Drosophila melanogaster INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
SALL4 is a CRL3^REN/KCTD11 substrate that drives Sonic Hedgehog-dependent medulloblastoma CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2023
4-(3-Phenyl-4-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoyl)-1H-pyrrol-1-yl)benzenesulfonamide, a Novel Carbonic Anhydrase and Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway Dual-Targeting Inhibitor with Potent Activity against Multidrug Resistant Cancer Cells JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2023
Induction of Pro-Fibrotic CLIC4 in Dermal Fibroblasts by TGF-β/Wnt3a Is Mediated by GLI2 Upregulation CELLS 2022
Bovine serum amine oxidase and polyamine analogues: chemical synthesis and biological evaluation integrated with molecular docking and 3-D QSAR studies JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING 2022
A gene dosage‐dependent effect unveils NBS1 as both a haploinsufficient tumour suppressor and an essential gene for SHH‐medulloblastoma NEUROPATHOLOGY & APPLIED NEUROBIOLOGY 2022
Opposite effect of thyroid hormones on oxidative stress and on mitochondrial respiration in COVID-19 patients ANTIOXIDANTS 2022
The Mechanism of Action of Biguanides: New Answers to a Complex Question CANCERS 2022
Discovery of novel human lactate dehydrogenase inhibitors: Structure-based virtual screening studies and biological assessment EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2022
Induction of Ferroptosis in Glioblastoma and Ovarian Cancers by a New Pyrrole Tubulin Assembly Inhibitor JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2022
Specific Protein 1 and p53 Interplay Modulates the Expression of the KCTD-Containing Cullin3 Adaptor Suppressor of Hedgehog 2 FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2021
Enzymatic spermine metabolites induce apoptosis associated with increase of p53, caspase-3 and miR-34a in both neuroblastoma cells, SJNKP and the N-Myc-amplified form IMR5 CELLS 2021
A combination of PARP and CHK1 inhibitors efficiently antagonizes MYCN-driven tumors ONCOGENE 2021
Translational control of polyamine metabolism by CNBP is required for Drosophila locomotor function ELIFE 2021
Pharmacological targeting of the novel β-catenin chromatin-associated kinase p38α in colorectal cancer stem cell tumorspheres and organoids CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2021


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  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies


Colorectal cancer
cancer metabolism
Hedgehog (Hh) pathway
redox imbalance
polyamine metabolism
gene transcription

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