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Attrezzatura Responsabile Key Enabling Technologies Descrizione Struttura
electromyography machine, magnetic stimulator, H-Coil Neuromuscular electrical signal bioanalyzer Ultra high speed transcranial magnetic stimulator with Brainsway stereotaxic helmet DIPARTIMENTO DI NEUROSCIENZE UMANE
visual stimulation tool - VISUASTIM; BIOPAC Life-science technologies & biotechnologies The MR-compatible VISUASTIM system includes: a slim visor 20/20 and an integrated eye-tracker camera; a high-resolution projector-based system; an... DIPARTIMENTO DI NEUROSCIENZE UMANE
digital-droplet PCR Life-science technologies & biotechnologies Digital PCR is a technology that provides ultrasensitive and absolute nucleic acid quantification. It is particularly useful for low-abundance... DIPARTIMENTO DI NEUROSCIENZE, SALUTE MENTALE E ORGANI DI SENSO
Microscope Nikon Eclipse Ci-L Life-science technologies & biotechnologies A compact research microscope with superior optical performance. High-quality objective lenses and a dedicated epi-fluorescence attachment... DIPARTIMENTO DI NEUROSCIENZE, SALUTE MENTALE E ORGANI DI SENSO
iBright FL1000 Imaging System Life-science technologies & biotechnologies The iBright FL1000 Imaging system is a powerful, easy-to-use western blot and gel documentation system. They provides sensitive, streamlined,... DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO
Laser CO2 Life-science technologies & biotechnologies CO2 laser systems enable highly controlled smart tissue managment for treating delicate anatomy and preservation of healthy tissue. It... DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO
Videolaryngoscope Electromyograph Life-science technologies & biotechnologies The use of a Swallowing Workstation, to associate, in synchrony, the high-definition imaages of the bolus progression and the electromyographic... DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO
Aurical Audiometer, Matrix sentence test, Simplified Matrix test, Starr Test
Life-science technologies & biotechnologies Audiometro da ricerca a due vie software di percezione uditiva in quiete e nel rumore DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO
Auditory Speech Sound Evaluation (A§E)
The Auditory Speech Sound Evaluation (A§E) is a psychoacoustics test suite with supraliminal auditory tests. It is conceived to test children and... DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO
Amplitude modulation test
Amplitude modulation detection for the determination of cochlear dead zones DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO

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