Giovanni Antonini


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Impact of 2021 European Academy of Neurology/Peripheral Nerve Society diagnostic criteria on diagnosis and therapy of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy variants EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2024
Assessment of diagnostic criteria for multifocal motor neuropathy in patients included in the Italian database EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2024
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Management of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Patients: A Report from the Italian Neuro-Cardiology Network JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR DEVELOPMENT AND DISEASE 2024
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy and HEV antibody status: A case-control study from Lazio, Italy JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2024
Serum neurofilament light chain levels correlate with small fiber related parameters in patients with hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis with polyneuropathy (ATTRv-PN) NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2024
Neuropathic pain experience in symptomatic and presymptomatic subjects carrying a transthyretin gene mutation FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2023
Unclassified clinical presentations of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, NEUROSURGERY AND PSYCHIATRY 2023
Risk of disease relapse, safety and tolerability of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients with chronic inflammatory neuropathies EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2023
Safety and efficacy of rozanolixizumab in patients with generalised myasthenia gravis (MycarinG): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, adaptive phase 3 study LANCET NEUROLOGY 2023
Comparison of quantitative muscle ultrasound and whole-body muscle MRI in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy type 1 patients NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
Quantitative sensory testing and skin biopsy findings in late‐onset ATTRv pre‐symptomatic carriers: relationships with predicted time of disease onset (PADO) JOURNAL OF THE PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 2023
Serum neurofilament light chain: a promising early diagnostic biomarker for hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis? EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2023
Eculizumab for myasthenic exacerbation during treatment with immune-checkpoint inhibitors NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
Real-life experience with inotersen in hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis with late-onset phenotype: Data from an early- access program in Italy EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2022
Functional and morphometric assessment of small-fibre damage in late-onset hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis with polyneuropathy: the controversial relation between small-fibre-related symptoms and diagnostic test findings AMYLOID 2022
Muscle MRI in immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy (IMNM). implications for clinical management and treatment strategies JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2022
Distal upper limb involvement in myasthenia-myositis association NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2022
Nerve high-resolution ultrasound in a 2-years follow-up of radial nerve palsy related to humeral shaft fractures JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGICAL SCIENCES 2022
Predicting Outcome in Guillain-Barré Syndrome: International Validation of the Modified Erasmus GBS Outcome Score NEUROLOGY 2022
Frequency and clinical correlates of anti-nerve antibodies in a large population of CIDP patients included in the Italian database NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2022

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