Daniele Casalbore


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Mid-to-late Holocene upper slope contourite deposits off Capo Vaticano (Mediterranean Sea): High-resolution record of contourite cyclicity, bottom current variability and sandy facies MARINE GEOLOGY 2021
Submarine and subaerial morphological changes associated with the 2014 eruption at Stromboli island REMOTE SENSING 2021
Benthic foraminiferal response to sedimentary processes in a prodeltaic environment. The Gulf of Patti case study (southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea) GEOSCIENCES 2021
The Guadiaro-Baños contourite drifts (SW Mediterranean). A geotechnical approach to stability analysis MARINE GEOLOGY 2021
First Evidence of Contourite Drifts in the North-Western Sicilian Active Continental Margin (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2021
Offshore geological hazards. Charting the course of progress and future directions OCEANS 2021
Geomorphological characterization, spatial distribution and environmental status assessment of coralligenous reefs along the Latium continental shelf ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2021
An integrated multiscale method for the characterisation of active faults in offshore areas. The case of Sant’Eufemia Gulf (offshore Calabria, Italy) FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE 2021
Morpho-acoustic characterization of a shallow-water mud volcano offshore Scoglio d'Affrica (Northern Tyrrhenian Sea) responsible for a violent gas outburst in 2017 MARINE GEOLOGY 2020
The key role of canyons in funnelling litter to the deep sea. A study of the Gioia Canyon (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) ANTHROPOCENE 2020
Bedforms on the submarine flanks of insular volcanoes: New insights gained from high resolution seafloor surveys SEDIMENTOLOGY 2020
Small-scale slope instability on the submarine flanks of insular volcanoes. The case-study of the Sciara del Fuoco slope (Stromboli) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES 2020
Widespread mass-wasting processes off NE sicily (Italy): Insights from morpho-bathymetric analysis Geological Society Special Publication 2020
Imprints of volcanic, erosional, depositional, tectonic and mass-wasting processes in the morphology of Santa Maria insular shelf (Azores) MARINE GEOLOGY 2020
Magmatism Along Lateral Slab Edges: Insights From the Diamante-Enotrio-Ovidio Volcanic-Intrusive Complex (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) TECTONICS 2019
Massive benthic litter funnelled to deep sea by flash-flood generated hyperpycnal flows SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Role of upper-flow-regime bedforms emplaced by sediment gravity flows in the evolution of deltas JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2019
Morphological variability of submarine mass movements in the tectonically–Controlled calabro–Tyrrhenian continental margin (Southern Italy) GEOSCIENCES 2019
Multi-stage formation of La Fossa Caldera (Vulcano Island, Italy) from an integrated subaerial and submarine analysis MARINE GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCHES 2019
Megafauna distribution along active submarine canyons of the central Mediterranean. Relationships with environmental variables PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY 2019

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