Daniele Casalbore


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Geostatistical study of Italian submarine landslides EGU 2023 2023
Morphometric analysis of seafloor morphology revealing recent mud and fluid migration around Scoglio d’Affrica islet (Tuscan Archipelago, northern Tyrrhenian Sea) EGU General Assembly 2023 2023
Morphology of the submerged Ferdinandea Island, the `Neverland' of the Sicily Channel (central Mediterranean Sea) JOURNAL OF MAPS 2023
A review of Rhodolith/Maerl beds of the italian seas DIVERSITY 2023
Common origin of coexisting sediment undulations and gullies? Insights from two modern Mediterranean prodeltas (southern Italy and northern Morocco) GEOMORPHOLOGY 2022
Understanding the complex geomorphology of a deep sea area affected by continental tectonic indentation: The case of the Gulf of Vera (Western Mediterranean) GEOMORPHOLOGY 2022
Geohazard assessment of the north-eastern Sicily continental margin (SW Mediterranean): coastal erosion, sea-level rise and retrogressive canyon head dynamics MARINE GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCHES 2022
Subaerial-submarine morphological changes at Stromboli volcano (Italy) induced by the 2019–2020 eruptive activity GEOMORPHOLOGY 2022
Holocene morpho-stratigraphic evolution of a compound submarine deltaic system in front of the shelf-incising Almanzora and Garrucha Canyons (Palomares margin, southeastern Iberia) MARINE GEOLOGY 2022
Plastic burial by flash-flood deposits in a prodelta environment (Gulf of Patti, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN 2022
Seafloor characterisation of the offshore sector around Scoglio d’Affrica islet (Tuscan Archipelago, northern Tyrrhenian sea) JOURNAL OF MAPS 2022
Mid-to-late Holocene upper slope contourite deposits off Capo Vaticano (Mediterranean Sea): High-resolution record of contourite cyclicity, bottom current variability and sandy facies MARINE GEOLOGY 2021
Submarine and subaerial morphological changes associated with the 2014 eruption at Stromboli island REMOTE SENSING 2021
Benthic foraminiferal response to sedimentary processes in a prodeltaic environment. The Gulf of Patti case study (southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea) GEOSCIENCES 2021
The Guadiaro-Baños contourite drifts (SW Mediterranean). A geotechnical approach to stability analysis MARINE GEOLOGY 2021
First Evidence of Contourite Drifts in the North-Western Sicilian Active Continental Margin (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2021
Morpho-acoustic characterization of a shallow-water mud volcano offshore Scoglio d'Affrica (Northern Tyrrhenian Sea) responsible for a violent gas outburst in 2017 MARINE GEOLOGY 2020
The key role of canyons in funnelling litter to the deep sea. A study of the Gioia Canyon (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) ANTHROPOCENE 2020
Bedforms on the submarine flanks of insular volcanoes: New insights gained from high resolution seafloor surveys SEDIMENTOLOGY 2020
Small-scale slope instability on the submarine flanks of insular volcanoes. The case-study of the Sciara del Fuoco slope (Stromboli) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES 2020

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