Daniele Casalbore


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Failure dynamics of landslide scars on the lower continental slope of the tyrrhenian calabrian margin: Insights from an integrated morpho-bathymetric and seismic analysis JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY 2019
Late Quaternary paleo sea level geomorphological markers of opposite vertical movements at Salina volcanic island (Aeolian Arc) EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS 2019
Seamount-Volcanic Island Transition and Evolution From Fissural to Central Activity Inferred by the Magnetic Modeling of Salina Island (Tyrrhenian Sea) JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH 2019
Morpho-bathymetric and seismo-stratigraphic analysis of the insular shelf of Salina (Aeolian archipelago) to unveil its Late-Quaternary geological evolution MARINE GEOLOGY 2018
Submarine depositional terraces at Salina Island (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) and implications on the Late-Quaternary evolution of the insular shelf GEOSCIENCES 2018
Coastal hazard due to submarine canyons in active insular volcanoes. Examples from Lipari Island (southern Tyrrhenian Sea) JOURNAL OF COASTAL CONSERVATION 2018
Characterization of overbanking features on the lower reach of the Gioia-Mesima canyon-channel system (southern Tyrrhenian Sea) through integration of morpho-stratigraphic data and physical modelling PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY 2018
Marine terrace development on reefless volcanic islands: New insights from high-resolution marine geophysical data offshore Santa Maria Island (Azores Archipelago) MARINE GEOLOGY 2018
A critical review of potential tsunamigenic sources as first step towards the tsunami hazard assessment for the Napoli Gulf (Southern Italy) highly populated area NATURAL HAZARDS 2018
Submarine depositional terraces in the Tyrrhenian Sea as a proxy for paleo-sea level reconstruction. Problems and perspective QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL 2017
Flooding scenarios due to land subsidence and sea-level rise. A case study for Lipari Island (Italy) TERRA NOVA 2017
Small-scale bedforms generated by gravity flows in the Aeolian Islands Atlas of bedforms in the Western Mediterranean 2017
Bedforms feeding and bedforms fed by canyon activity around Punta Alice Promontory (Calabria Ionian Margin, Italy) 2017
Cyclic steps at the head of channelized features along the calabrian margin (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) Atlas of bedforms in the Western Mediterranean 2017
Large-scale bedforms on volcaniclastic aprons around the Aeolian Islands (Italy) 2017
Unexpected fast rate of morphological evolution of geologically-active continental margins during Quaternary. Examples from selected areas in the Italian seas MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2017
Depositional and erosional bedforms in Late Pleistocene-Holocene pro-delta deposits of the Gulf of Patti (southern Tyrrhenian margin, Italy) MARINE GEOLOGY 2017
The Central Mediterranean Submerged landscapes of the european continental shelf. Quaternary paleoenvironments 2017
Relative sea level rise, palaeotopography and transgression velocity on the continental shelf Under the sea. Archaeology and palaeolandscapes of the continental shelf 2017
Quaternary coastal and marine studies in Central Mediterranean QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL 2017

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