Paolo Anagnostou


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The genomic echoes of the last Green Sahara on the Fulani and Sahelian people CURRENT BIOLOGY 2023
From the Alps to the Mediterranean and beyond: genetics, environment, culture and the "impossible beauty" of Italy JOURNAL OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2022
A light in the dark. Open access to medical literature and the COVID-19 pandemic INFORMATION RESEARCH 2022
How can we get more open access to medical studies? Simple, let’s take the green road CURRENT MEDICAL RESEARCH AND OPINION 2022
The emerging complexity of open science. Assessing intelligent data openness in genomic anthropology and human genomics JOURNAL OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2021
Berbers and Arabs. Tracing the genetic diversity and history of Southern Tunisia through genome wide analysis AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 2020
Ethnic fragmentation and degree of urbanization strongly affect the discrimination power of Y-STR haplotypes in central Sahel FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL: GENETICS 2020
Inter-individual genomic heterogeneity within European population isolates PLOS ONE 2019
The peopling of the last green Sahara revealed by high-coverage resequencing of trans-Saharan patrilineages GENOME BIOLOGY 2018
Iron Age Italic population genetics: the Piceni from Novilara (8th–7th century BC) ANNALS OF HUMAN BIOLOGY 2018
Overcoming the dichotomy between open and isolated populations using genomic data from a large European dataset SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Complex ancient genetic structure and cultural transitions in Southern African populations GENETICS 2017
Evaluating mtDNA patterns of genetic isolation using a re-sampling procedure: A case study on Italian populations ANNALS OF HUMAN BIOLOGY 2017
Genomic analysis reveals hidden heterogeneity within human population isolates 7° Congresso della Società Italiana di Biologia Evoluzionistica 2017
First archaeological investigations in the Chott El Jerid area, Southern Tunisia SCIENZE DELL'ANTICHITÀ 2017
Climat, environnement et sociétés de la Préhistoire du sud tunisien: résultats préliminaires et perspectives de la recherche Archeologia e tutela del patrimonio di Cartagine: lo stato dell’arte e le prospettive della collaborazione tuniso-italiana 2017
Whole mitochondrial DNA sequencing in Alpine populations and the genetic history of the Neolithic Tyrolean Iceman SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016
The Greeks in the West. Genetic signatures of the Hellenic colonisation in southern Italy and Sicily EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2016
Shared language, diverging genetic histories. High-resolution analysis of Y-chromosome variability in Calabrian and Sicilian Arbereshe EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2016
Climat, environnement et sociétés de la Préhistoire du sud tunisien. Résultats préliminaires et perspectives de la recherche CARTAGINE. STUDI E RICERCHE 2016

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