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Hyaluronic acid reduces bacterial fouling and promotes fibroblasts’ adhesion onto chitosan 2D-wound dressings INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020
Nanostructured tic layer is highly suitable surface for adhesion, proliferation and spreading of cells CONDENSED MATTER 2020
Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) and its related products: biomolecular characterization of the liquid fibrinogen JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2020
Oxidative stress, senescence and mediterranean diet effects on osteoarthritis Aging, second edition, Oxidative stress and dietary antioxidants 2020
A review of the effect of a nanostructured thin film formed by titanium carbide and titanium oxides clustered around carbon in graphitic form on osseointegration NANOMATERIALS 2020
Antiarthritic effects of a root extract from harpagophytum procumbens dc: novel insights into the molecular mechanisms and possible bioactive phytochemicals NUTRIENTS 2020
Preparation and characterization of tpp-chitosan crosslinked scaffolds for tissue engineering MATERIALS 2020
The induction of Maspin expression by a glucosamine-derivative has an antiproliferative activity in prostate cancer cell lines CHEMICO-BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS 2019
Graphene oxide oxygen content affects physical and biological properties of scaffolds based on chitosan/graphene oxide conjugates MATERIALS 2019
The n-acetyl phenylalanine glucosamine derivative attenuates the inflammatory/catabolic environment in a chondrocyte-synoviocyte co-culture system SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Olive fruit blends modulate lipid-sensing nuclear receptor PPARγ, cell survival and oxidative stress response in human osteoblast cells JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF NUTRITION 2018
Effects of nutrients, mainly from mediterranean dietary foods, on mesenchymal stem derived cells: growth or differentiation International Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics 2018
Surface functionalized PLLA for scaffold preparation Book of Abstract Polymar 2018. 2nd Conference for Early Stage Researchers in Polymer Science through the Aegean Sea 2018
Chondroprotective activity of N-acetyl phenylalanine glucosamine derivative on knee joint structure and inflammation in a murine model of osteoarthritis OSTEOARTHRITIS AND CARTILAGE 2017
Osseointegration is improved by coating titanium implants with a nanostructured thin film with titanium carbide and titanium oxides clustered around graphitic carbon MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. C, BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS, SENSORS AND SYSTEMS 2017
IKKα inibition by a glucosamine derivative enhances maspin expression in osteosarcoma cell line CHEMICO-BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS 2017
Modulatory effects of a nutraceutical supplement on Saos-2 cells reveal its phlebotonic activity JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF NUTRITION 2017
Different expression and localization of phosphoinositide specific phospholipases C in human osteoblasts, osteosarcoma cell lines, Ewing sarcoma and synovial sarcoma AVICENNA JOURNAL OF MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2017
Taurine grafting and collagen adsorption on PLLA films improve human primary chondrocyte adhesion and growth COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES 2017
Glucosamine and its peptidyl-derivative NAPA: novel therapeutic strategy for chondrocytes matrix remodeling 6th FEBS Advanced Lecture Course FEBS - MPST 2017 Matrix Pathobiology, Signaling and Molecular Targets 2017


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Interessi di ricerca

Studia i processi pro-infiammatori, in particolare la infiammazione cronica non-acuta, low-grade inflammation, principalmente per ciò che concerne l’insorgenza e la progressione dell’osteoartrite (OA). Inoltre studia i processi di sintesi di nuova matrice extracellulare (ECM), considerando che la ECM viene particolarmente degradata nella OA. Il suo modello sperimentale prevede sia l’uso di condrociti primari umani, ottenuti da pazienti, che vengono sottoposti ad interventi di protesi di anca e di ginocchio, che l’uso di modelli animali. La sua ricerca è volta inoltre alla identificazione di molecole o composti che possano avere attività anti-infiammatoria e di stimolazione della sintesi dei componenti della ECM. In particolare ha studiato gli effetti della Glucosammina e di suoi peptidil derivati sulle vie di segnalazione intracellulari dei condrociti.

Negli ultimi anni ha cominciato a studiare gli effetti di derivati della glucosammina in cellule di osteosarcoma, considerando il coinvolgimento dei processi infiammatori nella progressione tumorale, e le vie di trasmissione del dolore, anch’esse associate ai fenomeni infiammatori.

Ha studiato gli effetti sull’osseointegrazione della ricopertura di carburo di titanio su protesi di titanio, mediante studi in vitro su cellule osteoblasti che e in vivo su modello animale in coniglio.

Ha inoltre studiato gli effetti di un derivato della glucosammina su fibroblasti primari umani e in particolare nei processi di Invecchiamento cutaneo.

Recentemente ha iniziato ad occuparsi delle vie di trasmissione del dolore associato ai fenomeni infiammatori nelle articolazioni di pazienti affetti da osteoartrite.


extracellular matrix

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