Anna Maria Girelli


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Impact of Support Material on Candida rugosa Lipase Immobilization Performance Second Symposium for Young Chemists: Innovation and Sustainability 2024
Elemental content in hemp-based herbal teas by ICP-MS Second Symposium for Young Chemists. SYNC2024. Book of Abstracts 2024
Immobilization of lipase on spent coffee grounds by physical and covalent methods: A comparison study BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2023
Renewable, Sustainable, and Natural Lignocellulosic Carriers for Lipase Immobilization: A Review JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2023
Rice husk ash as a green feedstock for the extraction of nano-silica and its application in the synthesis of an efficient solid biocatalyst 15th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering 2023
Design of a 3D Amino-Functionalized Rice Husk Ash Nano-Silica/Chitosan/Alginate Composite as Support for Laccase Immobilization POLYMERS 2023
On-line separation and determination of trivalent and hexavalent chromium with a new liquid membrane annular contactor coupled to inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry PROCESSES 2021
Preparation and characterization of chitosan-coated manganese-ferrite nanoparticles conjugated with laccase for environmental bioremediation POLYMERS 2021
Valutazione sperimentale dell’efficacia delle misure in atto per la mitigazione dell’esposizione a formaldeide nel comparto lavorativo sanitario e in altri scenari occupazionali Atti degli 8i Incontri mediterranei di igiene industriale 2021
Design of bioreactor based on immobilized laccase on silica-chitosan support for phenol removal in continuous mode JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2021
Spent grain as a sustainable and low-cost carrier for laccase immobilization WASTE MANAGEMENT 2021
Sustainable recycling of spent grain for laccase immobilization as dyes removal tool JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2021
Agro-industrial wastes as potential carriers for enzyme immobilization: a review CHEMOSPHERE 2020
Silica-chitosan hybrid support for laccase immobilization JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020
Eggshell membrane as feedstock in enzyme immobilization JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020
Bioactive polyphenol profiles and antioxidant activity in Italian apples varieties ITALIAN JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE 2019
Source apportionment of PM10 in Terni (Central Italy) and spatial mapping of atmospheric element concentrations using high spatial resolution chemical data CEMEPE 2019 and SECOTOX - 7th International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics 2019
Recent advances in the valorization of goat milk: nutritional properties and production sustainability PROCEEDINGS OF WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 2019
Fabrication of a novel biocatalyst with Laccase immobilized on eggshell membrane innovative approach and recent developments in materials engineering & nanotechnology ICMEN 2019 international conference on materials engeineering and nanotechnology 2019
Determination of furanic compounds and acidity for Italian honey quality FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE JOURNAL 2018

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