Sabine Pirchio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Does teachers’ ethnic bias stress them out? The role of teachers’ implicit attitudes toward and expectations of ethnic minority students in teachers’ burnout INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS 2023
Teachers’ and preservice teachers’ implicit attitudes toward ethnic minority students and implicit expectations of their academic performance INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS 2022
Complex PTSD in Asylum-Seekers Living in a Humanitarian Setting in Africa: A Latent Class Analysis PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA 2022
Complex PTSD in asylum-seekers living in a humanitarian setting in Africa: a latent class analysis PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA 2022
Disturbo da Deficit dell'Attenzione/Iperattività: effetto del bilinguismo sulle funzioni esecutive Nascita e sviluppo dei Corsi di Laurea in Psicologia alla Sapienza 2021
The Effects of Contact With Nature During Outdoor Environmental Education on Students’ Wellbeing, Connectedness to Nature and Pro-sociality FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
Teachers’ Implicit Attitudes Toward Ethnic Minority Students: A Systematic Review FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
Players in the Same Team: Factors affecting and Strategies Improving the Educational Partnership between Teachers and Parents from Diverse Sociocultural and Ethnic Backgrounds Parents and teachers: perspective, interactions and relationship. 2021
Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles changes and human well-being: cultural, environmental and political challenges ((Transiciones hacia la sostenibilidad, cambios de estilos de vida y bienestar humano: desafíos culturales, medioambientales y políticos)) PSYECOLOGY 2020
Language and social integration in multicultural contexts Flight and Migration from Africa to Europe. Contributions of Psychology and Social Work 2020
La comunicazione tra insegnanti e bambini bilingui nella scuola dell’infanzia. Una ricerca pilota in Italia e a Malta. PSICOLOGIA DELL'EDUCAZIONE 2020
The Impact of Bilingualism on Executive Functions in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review Based on the PRISMA Method FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Editorial: Where to Raise Happy and Skilled Children: How Environment Shapes Human Development and Education. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Children’s interethnic relationships in multiethnic primary school: results of an inclusive language learning intervention on children with native and immigrant background in Italy EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY OF EDUCATION 2019
Intercultural practices and inclusive education in Europe: can migration be a resource for individual and societal development? EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY OF EDUCATION 2019
Self-efficacy and anxiety in learning english as a foreign language: singing in class helps speaking performance JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES 2019
Mindfulness, pro-environmental behavior, and belief in climate change. The mediating role of social dominance ENVIRONMENT AND BEHAVIOR 2018
A chip off the old block: parents' subtle ethnic prejudice predicts children's implicit prejudice FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Social-cultural processes and urbanaffordances for healthy and sustainable food consumption FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Teachers and parents involvement for a good school experience of native and immigrant children JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES 2017

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