Antonella Conte


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Cladribine and ocrelizumab induce differential miRNA profiles in peripheral blood mononucleated cells from relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2023
Evaluation of drivers of treatment switch in relapsing multiple sclerosis: a study from the Italian MS Registry JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2023
Effective connectivity abnormalities in Lewy body disease with visual hallucinations CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2023
Postural Instability and Risk of Falls in Patients with Parkinson's Disease Treated with Deep Brain Stimulation: A Stabilometric Platform Study BRAIN SCIENCES 2023
Intravenous or subcutaneous natalizumab in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: investigation on efficiency and savings-the EASIER study JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2023
Motor Cortical Network Excitability in Parkinson's Disease MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2022
Diagnostic Value of JC Polyomavirus Viruria, Viremia, Serostatus and microRNA Expression in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Undergoing Immunosuppressive Treatment JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2022
Infectious risk in multiple sclerosis patients treated with disease-modifying therapies: A three-year observational cohort study MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS JOURNAL, EXPERIMENTAL, TRANSLATIONAL AND CLINICAL 2022
Longitudinal evaluation of patients with isolated head tremor PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2022
Are Neurophysiological Biomarkers Able to Discriminate Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Subtypes? BIOMEDICINES 2022
Pathophysiological mechanisms of oromandibular dystonia CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2022
Response to “Frailty in multiple sclerosis: A closer look at the deficit accumulation framework” MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS 2022
Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test (JTHFT) in Italian Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2022
Effects of Mirror Neurons-Based Rehabilitation Techniques in Hand Injuries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2022
Transcranial alternating current stimulation modulates cortical processing of somatosensory information in a frequency- and time-specific manner NEUROIMAGE 2022
Focal Dystonia: Functional Connectivity Changes in Cerebellar-Basal Ganglia-Cortical Circuit and Preserved Global Functional Architecture NEUROLOGY 2022
SARS-CoV-2 serology after COVID-19 in multiple sclerosis: An international cohort study MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS 2022
Do patients' and referral centers' characteristics influence multiple sclerosis phenotypes? Results from the Italian multiple sclerosis and related disorders register NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2022
Relationship between risk and protective factors and clinical features of Parkinson's disease PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2022
Neurofilament assessment in patients with cervical dystonia PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2022

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