Antonella Conte


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Feasibility of mirabegron in the treatment of overactive bladder in patients affected by Parkinson's disease: A pilot study THERAPEUTIC ADVANCES IN NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS 2019
Unravelling mechanisms of altered modulation of trigemino-facial circuits in blepharospasm CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2019
Motor and non-motor symptoms in blepharospasm: clinical and pathophysiological implications JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2019
Secukinumab may be a valid treatment option in patients with CNS demyelination and concurrent ankylosing spondylitis: Report of two clinical cases MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS 2019
Psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Barthel Index in patients with Parkinson's disease: a reliability and validity study FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY 2019
Ten-Year Reflections on the Neurophysiological Abnormalities of Focal Dystonias in Humans MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2019
Somatosensory Temporal Discrimination Threshold in Patients with Cognitive Disorders JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE 2019
Dystonias Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 2019
Retrospectively acquired cohort study to evaluate the long-term impact of two different treatment strategies on disability outcomes in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RE.LO.DI.MS): data from the Italian MS Register JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2019
Cognitive behavioral group therapy versus psychoeducational intervention in Parkinson's disease NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISEASE AND TREATMENT 2018
Abnormal somatosensory temporal discrimination in Parkinson's disease: Pathophysiological correlates and role in motor control deficits CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2018
Somatosensory temporal discrimination in Parkinson's disease, dystonia and essential tremor: Pathophysiological and clinical implications CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2018
Parkinsonism is associated with altered primary motor cortex plasticity in frontotemporal dementia–primary progressive aphasia variant NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING 2018
Photophobia in multiple sclerosis MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS 2018
Abnormal sensory gating in patients with different types of focal dystonias MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2018
Voluntary movement takes shape. the link between movement focusing and sensory input gating FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2018
Language use at italian medical congresses NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2018
Actual and illusory perception in parkinson's disease and dystonia. a narrative review FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2018
Re-emergent tremor in parkinson's disease. the effect of dopaminergic treatment EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2018
Blepharospasm 40 years later MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2017

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