Marco Brandano


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
3D modelling of the upper Tortonian-lower Messinian shallow ramp carbonates of the Hyblean domain (Central Mediterranean, Faro Santa Croce, Sicily) MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2022
The Monterey Event in the Mediterranean platform to basin transition: The Guadagnolo Formation (Miocene, Prenestini Mountains, Central Apennines) PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY 2021
The potential of carbonate ramps to record C-isotope shifts: insights from the upper Miocene of the Central Mediterranean area LETHAIA 2021
Stratigraphical and sedimentological relationships of the Bolognano Formation (Oligocene–Miocene, Majella Mountain, Central Apennines, Italy) revealed by geological mapping and 3D visualizations GEOLOGICA CARPATHICA 2021
The pyroclastic breccias from Cabezo Negro de Tallante (SE Spain): Is there any relation with carbonatitic magmatism? LITHOS 2021
Miocene paleoceanographic evolution of the Mediterranean area and carbonate production changes. A review EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS 2021
Carbonate-ramp reservoirs modelling best solutions. Insights from a dense shallow well database in Central Italy MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2021
Petrophysical properties of heavy oil-bearing carbonate rocks and their implications on petroleum system evolution. Insights from the Majella Massif MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2020
Fracture distribution within a carbonate hosted relay ramp: insights from the Tre Monti fault (Central Italy) TSG AGM 2020 Abstract Volume 2020
Facies heterogeneities and 3D porosity modelling in an Oligocene (Upper Chattian) carbonate ramp, Salento Peninsula, Southern Italy JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2020
Erosion of Tortonian phosphatic intervals in upwelling zones. The role of internal waves PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY 2020
Lithological and structural control on fracture frequency distribution within a carbonate-hosted relay ramp JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 2020
Trophism, climate and paleoweathering conditions across the Eocene-Oligocene transition in the Massignano section (northern Apennines, Italy) SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY 2020
The submarine dune field of the Bolognano Fm. Depositional processes and the carbonate reservoir potential (Chattian to Burdigalian, Majella Carbonate Platform) GEOLOGICAL FIELD TRIPS & MAPS 2020
The lower Rupelian cluster reefs of Majella platform, the shallow water record of Eocene to Oligocene transition SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY 2019
The role of oceanographic conditions on Cenozoic carbonate platform drowning. Insights from Alpine and Apennine foreland basins TERRA NOVA 2019
The seagrass skeletal assemblage from modern to fossil and from tropical to temperate. Insight from Maldivian and Mediterranean examples SEDIMENTOLOGY 2019
Oil distribution in outcropping carbonate-ramp reservoirs (Maiella Mountain, Central Italy). Three-dimensional models constrained by dense historical well data and laboratory measurements AAPG BULLETIN 2018
Miocene oceanographic evolution based on the Sr and Nd isotope record of the Central Mediterranean PALEOCEANOGRAPHY AND PALEOCLIMATOLOGY 2018
Modeling lateral facies heterogeneity of an upper Oligocene carbonate ramp (Salento, southern Italy) MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2018


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Interessi di ricerca

Le linee di ricerca principali riguardano la sedimentologia, stratigrafia e paleoecologia dei carbonati mesozoici e cenozoici dell’area Mediterranea (Appennini, Baleari, Malta, Corsica e Sardegna, Sicilia, Salento, Alpi Liguri), con particolare riferimento alle ricostruzioni dei modelli deposizionali, eterogeneità di facies, paleoceanografia, paleoclima, al record delle perturbazioni del ciclo del C, all'evoluzione dei substrati delle praterie a fanerogame e alla geologia degli idrocarburi.  Tali analisi si basano sull’utilizzo dell’analisi di facies sul terreno, integrata dalle analisi di laboratorio che prevedono l’analisi quantitativa delle microfacies e le analisi geochimiche (isotopi del O & C,   radiogenici Nd & Sr, elementi in traccia) su dati di affioramento e su carote.


stable isotopes
Carbon isotope stratigraphy

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