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In vivo response to an oral fat load of ectopic lipids and acetylcarnitine in skeletal muscle in subjects with obesity CLINICAL NUTRITION ESPEN 2021
Direct oral anticoagulants in patients with obesity and atrial fibrillation: Position paper of italian national association of hospital cardiologists (ANMCO) JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2021
Roles and competencies in the nutritional domain for the management of the metabolic diseases and in the hospital setting: A position paper of the Italian College of Academic Nutritionists, MED-49 (ICAN-49) NMCD. NUTRITION METABOLISM AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES 2021
Clinical efficacy of eucaloric ketogenic nutrition in the COVID-19 cytokine storm: A retrospective analysis of mortality and intensive care unit admission NUTRITION 2021
Prevalence of sarcopenic obesity and association with metabolic syndrome in an adult Iranian cohort: The Fasa PERSIAN cohort study CLINICAL OBESITY 2021
Vegan diet and orthorexia EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS 2021
Psychosocial and cultural determinants of dietary intake in community-dwelling older adults: A Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity systematic literature review NUTRITION 2021
Cooking techniques and nutritional quality of food: A comparison between traditional and innovative ways of cooking INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GASTRONOMY AND FOOD SCIENCE 2021
Impulsivity and eating disorders: The relationship between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and different impulsivity facets in a transdiagnostic sample THE WORLD JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 2021
Obsessed with healthy eating: A systematic review of observational studies assessing orthorexia nervosa in patients with diabetes mellitus NUTRIENTS 2021
Sleep duration and obesity in adulthood: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis OBESITY RESEARCH & CLINICAL PRACTICE 2020
Obesity or BMI Paradox? Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2020
Introducing ORTO-R: a revision of ORTO-15: Based on the re-assessment of original data EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS 2020
Sarcopenic obesity and insulin resistance: Application of novel body composition models NUTRITION 2020
Eating disorders and obesity (ED&O) in the COVID-19 storm EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS 2020
Impact of Disability, Psychological Status, and Comorbidity on Health-Related Quality of Life Perceived by Subjects with Obesity OBESITY FACTS 2020
Quality of life: Psychological symptoms-effects of a 2-month healthy diet and nutraceutical intervention; a randomized, open-label intervention trial (RISTOMED) NUTRIENTS 2020
Safety and tolerability of 6-month supplementation with a vitamin D, calcium and leucine-enriched whey protein medical nutrition drink in sarcopenic older adults AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH 2020
Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) is safe, feasible and effective in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopic colorectal surgery: results of a prospective single center study MINERVA CHIRURGICA 2020
What are the risk factors for malnutrition in older-aged institutionalized adults? NUTRIENTS 2020


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nutritional status, obesity, malnutrition, sarcopenia, eating disorders, catering services, food sustainability


Nutritional Status
Sarcopenic obesity
eating disorders
diet sustainability

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