Roberto Baiocco


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Older LGBT+ Adults and Physical Activity: A Systematic Review of Qualitative and Quantitative Data SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2024
“The third table where I would sit comfortably”: narratives of nonbinary identity routes INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSGENDER HEALTH 2024
Racialized Migrant Transgender Women Engaged in Sex Work: Double Binds and Identifications with the Community ARCHIVES OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 2024
Nonbinary people in the family context: a systematic review and meta-analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSGENDER HEALTH 2024
Exploring the Psychological Nexus of Virtual and Augmented Reality on Physical Activity in Older Adults: A Rapid Review BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES 2024
The relationship between emotion regulation and sustainable leadership: The mediating role of social safeness JOURNAL OF HUMAN OF BEHAVIOR IN THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT 2024
Happy Moments between Children and Their Parents: A Multi-method and Multi-informant Perspective JOURNAL OF HAPPINESS STUDIES 2024
Bisexual Women in a Romantic Relationship: Coming out and Internalized Binegativity in Same/Different Gender Couples JOURNAL OF BISEXUALITY 2024
Is Adolescents’ Cyber Dating Violence Perpetration Related to Problematic Pornography Use? The Moderating Role of Hostile Sexism HEALTH COMMUNICATION 2024
The Sources of Happiness in Preadolescence and Adolescence: A Multi-Method and Multi-Informant Perspective CHILD INDICATORS RESEARCH 2024
Exploring Attitudes Toward “Sugar Relationships” Across 87 Countries: A Global Perspective on Exchanges of Resources for Sex and Companionship ARCHIVES OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 2024
German and Italian validation of the Dyadic Coping Inventory–Sexual Minority Stress (DCI-SMS) scale JOURNAL OF FAMILY PSYCHOLOGY 2024
Aging well in an aging society: physical health in older lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2024
Teachers’ Attitudes and Opinions Toward Sexuality Education in School: A Systematic Review of Secondary and High School Teachers AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SEXUALITY EDUCATION 2024
Exploring Perspectives Regarding LGBTQ+ Issues In School Curricula: Results Form A System atic Review Of High School Teachers’ Attitudes And Challenges SCUOLA DEMOCRATICA (Eds.). Book of Abstracts of the International Conference of the journal Scuola Democratica. Reinventing Education, Rome, Associazione “Per Scuola Democratica” 2024
Imaging future sexuality educators: Attitudes and opinions of student teachers at Sapienza towards sexuality education International conference on education and new developments - Books of abstracts 2024
Imaging future sexuality educators: Attitudes and opinions of student teachers at Sapienza towards sexuality education Education and new developments 2024 - Volume 1 2024
Daily associations between global self‐esteem and self‐concept clarity and their relationships with subjective well‐being in a sample of adult workers JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY 2024
Monkeypox: New epidemic or fake news? Study of psychological and social factors associated with fake news attitudes of monkeypox in Italy FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2023
Atlante LGBTQ+: coming out e relazioni familiari. Dimensioni evolutive e cliniche 2023


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Roberto Baiocco ( is a Full Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome. He received a degree in Clinical and Community Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychology both from the Sapienza University of Rome and a Master's Degree in “Family Psychotherapy” at the “Scuola Romana di Terapia Familiare”. He has research interests in three main areas: 1) risk and protective factors experienced by sexual minority adolescents; 2) coming out process and psychological well-being; 3) same-sex parent families and the well-being of children raised by LGBT+ parents. Since 2010, Roberto Baiocco is Director of the Center for the Study of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity at Sapienza University of Rome (à-di-genere).

He published more than 300 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.


sexual orientation
same-sex parenting
Gender Identity
family functioning

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