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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) - JEOL JEM F200 Nanotechnologies The TEM is equipped with high-performance additional packages in order to be not just a 'high resolution electron microscope', but a complete... CENTRO DI RICERCA PER LE NANOTECNOLOGIE APPLICATE ALL'INGEGNERIA - CNIS
3D X-ray Microscopy (XRM) ZEISS Xradia Versa 610 Nanotechnologies Unlike most forms of microscopy, XRM can deliver high resolution and contrast in three dimensions, and can do so without destroying samples... CENTRO DI RICERCA PER LE NANOTECNOLOGIE APPLICATE ALL'INGEGNERIA - CNIS
Circular Dichroism spectrometer Life-science technologies & biotechnologies Circular Dichroism spectrometer Jasco J-730 equipped with Peltier thermostatted apparatus DIPARTIMENTO DI SCIENZE BIOCHIMICHE "ALESSANDRO ROSSI FANELLI"
iBright FL1000 Imaging System Life-science technologies & biotechnologies The iBright FL1000 Imaging system is a powerful, easy-to-use western blot and gel documentation system. They provides sensitive, streamlined,... DIPARTIMENTO DI ORGANI DI SENSO
Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopy supported by dual Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (VP-SEM-dEDS) Life-science technologies & biotechnologies Variable pressure scanning electron microscopy (VP-SEM, Hitachi SU-3500) is supported by dual energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy detectors (dEDS)... DIPARTIMENTO DI SCIENZE ANATOMICHE, ISTOLOGICHE, MEDICO LEGALI E DELL'APPARATO LOCOMOTORE
Electronico Microscope Advanced materials Electron microscopy is a tool used for obtaining high resolution images of biological and non-biological specimens. It is used in surgery to... DIPARTIMENTO DI CHIRURGIA "PIETRO VALDONI"
Softaxic neuronavigation system for TMS (SofTaxic) Life-science technologies & biotechnologies Il sistema di neuronavigazione SofTaxic Optic è un sofisticato sistema di neuronavigazione stereotassica pensato per l'utilizzo con i principali... DIPARTIMENTO DI NEUROSCIENZE UMANE
NMR-based metabolomics Laboratory of Sapienza (NMLab) Life-science technologies & biotechnologies The JEOL JNM-ECZ 600R spectrometer is equipped with a 14.09 Tesla magnet, corresponding to the resonance frequency of 1H of 600 MHz. For the specific... DIPARTIMENTO DI CHIMICA
UHPLC UltiMate 3000 Life-science technologies & biotechnologies UHPLC UltiMate 3000 (Thermo Fisher Scientific) dotato di autocampionatore WPS-3000TRS, pompa LPG3400rs, rivelatore a fotodiodi DAD 3000RS DIPARTIMENTO DI CHIMICA E TECNOLOGIE DEL FARMACO
CMR42 Software Fabrication & Manufacturing Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) has established as a unique method in combining acquisition of morphological, functional and tissue... DIPARTIMENTO DI SCIENZE RADIOLOGICHE, ONCOLOGICHE E ANATOMO-PATOLOGICHE

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