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JQ1, inibitore delle proteine BET, riduce i fattori di virulenza e la patogenicità di Aspergillus fumigatus. 13° Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Microbiologia Farmaceutica Obiettivi e Sfide della Microbiologia Moderna per la Difesa della Salute 2021
Polycomb repressive complex 2 modulation through the development of EZH2–EED interaction inhibitors and EED binders JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2021
Mass spectrometry enables the discovery of inhibitors of an LPS transport assembly via disruption of protein-protein interactions CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2021
Emerging Therapeutic Potential of SIRT6 Modulators JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2021
Sex-dependent effects of the drugs of abuse amphetamine and the smart drug 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone on fear memory generalization in rats NEUROSCIENCE 2021
Metabolic Rewiring by Loss of Sirt5 Promotes Kras-Induced Pancreatic Cancer Progression GASTROENTEROLOGY 2021
Novel quinoline compounds active in cancer cells through coupled DNA methyltransferase inhibition and degradation CANCERS 2020
Tranylcypromine-based LSD1 inhibitors: structure-activity relationships, antiproliferative effects in leukemia, and gene target modulation CHEMMEDCHEM 2020
Sirtuin modulators: where are we now? A review of patents from 2015 to 2019 EXPERT OPINION ON THERAPEUTIC PATENTS 2020
From parp1 to tnks2 Inhibition: a structure-based approach ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2020
Targeting the scaffolding role of LSD1 (KDM1A) poises acute myeloid leukemia cells for retinoic acid-induced differentiation SCIENCE ADVANCES 2020
A closer look into NADPH oxidase inhibitors: validation and insight into their mechanism of action REDOX BIOLOGY 2020
Altered mitochondrial function in cells carrying a premutation or unmethylated full mutation of the FMR1 gene HUMAN GENETICS 2020
Discovery of the first human arylsulfatase a reversible inhibitor impairing mouse oocyte fertilization ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2020
Design of first-in-class dual EZH2/HDAC inhibitor: biochemical activity and biological evaluation in cancer cells ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2020
Identification of Inhibitors to trypanosoma cruzi sirtuins based on compounds developed to human enzymes INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020
The pan-sirtuin inhibitor MC2494 regulates mitochondrial function in a leukemia cell line FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2020
Sirt4: a multifaceted enzyme at the crossroads of mitochondrial metabolism and cancer FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2020
Detrimental effects of the 'bath salt' methylenedioxypyrovalerone on social play behavior in male rats NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2020
The innovative potential of statins in cancer: new targets for new therapies FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY 2020


  • PE5_18


  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies

Interessi di ricerca

Synthesis of new potential bio-active compounds, particularly in the field of

  1. epigenetics: inhibitors of HDACs (unselective and class-selective), HATs, sirtuins, PRMTs, HKMTs, KDMs and DNMTs.
  2. anticancer agents.
  3. antiviral agents and anti-HIV-1 compounds belonging to the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor classes
  4. antibacterial, antimycobacterial and antifungal agents.
  5. CNS agents
  6. Development of new methodology for the synthesis of heterocycles. Analysis and purification of organic mixtures. Study and characterization of organic molecules.


drug discovery
Epigenetic drugs
antiviral agents
Anticancer drugs
parasite growth inhibition

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