Laboratorio Chimica degli Alimenti - FOODCHEMLAB

The research activity of FoodChemLab is mainly focused on the study of food and natural matrices carried out using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methodologies. Together with her research group, prof. Luisa Mannina has developed an analytical protocol for the determination of the metabolic profile of the investigated matrices by means of high-field NMR spectroscopy and, according to the specific problem, chemometric analysis. The application of this protocol allowed to have different information on the geographical origin, variety, genuineness, cultivation type of a wide range of foods such as olive oils, kiwifruits, peaches, tomatoes, artichokes, blueberries, tea, honey, sea bass, flours, saffron and beers. Moreover, in order to have a more complete chemical profile of the food matrices, a multimethodological approach including other instrumental techniques HPLC, spectrophotometry)  has been also used. In the last years, the research activity has also involved the metabolomic-NMR based study of biological fluids to detect markers of personalized dietary regimens or pathological states.

Main research topics:

  • Characterization of foods by multimethodological approach
  • Innovative packaging to preserve food quality
  • NMR based metabolomics to study dietetic regimes
  • Multimethodological approach to study industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.)
  • Valorization of agro-food waste and by-products

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